How Does Faith Work?

44785764434_7ab4626060_kAs I boarded the airplane on my way to Africa, I was a little nervous. The first stop was to be in Austria. I was preaching in a church close to Salzburg where I dearly love the people. No one knew my great need and I did not feel free to tell anyone except my LORD. I did not have the funds for the coming crusade and knew that our Ethiopian organizer could not do the meetings without the expected money.

I was just trusting God to provide for me. I met a lot of friends that had blessed me in the past, but it seemed like God was not speaking to them. Before I left to preach the Sunday service, I looked on the ministry accounts hoping that someone had donated the big amount needed. Nothing had come in and I needed thousands of dollars to cover our costs. Suddenly my heart began to panic. What am I going to
do? The ministry had no money and I had no personal money to give for the need.

If you think as the world thinks, you would say, “Chris, that is your own fault! You don’t plan for something you do not have the money for!” The truth is, when God called me to build a faith ministry, I had to say yes to faith. Faith means taking risks. Peter took a risk when he stepped off the boat and walked on the water. He took a risk when he took the lame man at the temple by the hand and said, “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk!” What would people think of him if nothing happened?

As fear flooded my heart, suddenly the Holy Spirit spoke to me very clearly. “Chris, all is well! Don’t worry!” Joy filled my heart and I knew that God would give me everything I needed. I just focused on the ministry at hand in Austria.

The church where I was preaching received a very generous offering and after the service the treasurer asked me, “Do you want us to put this on your account or can you accept cash?” I tried to remain calm and said, “Cash would be perfect.” When I signed the receipt, I was full of joy, but it still was not enough
to cover the needs in Africa.

The pastor invited me for lunch and as we ate, his phone rang. Someone wanted to talk to me. It was a leader from another church nearby. He said, “Chris, before you leave the area, please swing by my house. I have something for you.” When l got there, he gave me an envelope with exactly the amount I so desperately needed.

I could hardly contain myself. I wanted to shout! God had provided for me on the way. HE is faithful and
stands to His word!

“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” (Phil 4:19)


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