She wrung her hands in grief

Close-up of a Sad in front of a Gravestone.


A coffin was carried from the church to the graveyard. Inside was the body of a beautiful seventeen-year-old girl with the dew of youth on her brow. The girl’s friends stood around the grave.


As they lowered the coffin, a young Sunday school teacher who stood there shrieked and screamed and wrung her hands in grief. After the funeral was over and things had been cleaned up, the Pastor went to see this girl.


He said, “I noticed your hysteric grief at the grave. Was the girl we buried a Christian?”

The Sunday school teacher said, “I noticed that she was backsliding. She was going to very questionable places with her friends.” Then the girl said to the minister, “I was sure you would talk to her because you know much more about spiritual things.”


The Pastor said, “No, I didn’t speak to her. I was going to, but I didn’t. I was sure that you were reaching out to her! You are both girls, and you can relate to each one another better.” Realizing that none of them had reached out to the dead girl, the Pastor said, “Let’s go and talk to her mother. Perhaps she led her to Christ.”


The minister and the Sunday school teacher went and talked with the girl’s mother. She said, “Yes, I noticed my daughter had backslidden. I pleaded with her, but she would get so mad at me and accused me of not accepting her friends, so I stopped talking to her. I was sure you were reaching out to her.”


In the end, everyone had backed off, and now she was gone! The daunting realization hit them that she was lost.


He that winneth souls is wise. Proverbs 11:30 KJV


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