She had just escaped the fire

FireA girl of about seventeen years of age fought her way through the great torrents of blood, crushed, charred, and baked flesh. She had just escaped the Iroquois Theater fire, that happened on December 30, 1903, in Chicago. It was the deadliest theater fire and the most fatal single-building fire in the United States history up to that point, resulting in at least 602 deaths. Her hair was singed, her eyebrows were burned off, her face and hands were blistered, and her clothing was hanging in charred rags. As she got on the streetcar to go home, she was moaning and sighing wringing her hands saying, “O, God! O, God!” A lady next to her said, “You ought to be thankful that you got out alive.” She answered, “I am, but I didn’t help anybody else out! It was all I could do to get myself out alive.” She was grieving because others had to die, and she didn’t help them. 

How many Christians have the goal of getting themselves out of the fire of life alive but don’t help others out of the fire? 

Proverbs says, “He who is wise wins souls! (Proverbs 11:30)” How would we feel if it were a member of our family that was in the fire?  If it is not your flesh and blood, it is somebody else’s. 

There was a mine cave-in in Pennsylvania. The alarm sounded, and men came from all over to volunteer with the rescue. With pick and shovel, they worked hard, trying to dig as quickly as they could to the men underground before they die. An old seventy-five-year-old man appeared on the scene. He threw off his cap, coat, and vest, spit in his hands, and picking up the pick, he began frantically picking. Soon he traded the pick for a shovel, and he shoveled until the sweat rolled down his cheeks. He stood there tottering, about ready to fall from exhaustion when some of the younger men said to him, “Grandpa, take a break and let us young fellows do this job.” 

He answered, “No way, boys! I’ve got three sons down in there! There is no way I am stopping!”  

When it comes to eternity, if it isn’t your boy, it is somebody else’s. If it isn’t your girl, it is somebody else’s. 

The trouble with our world today is that we don’t care much what happens to others, if we go to heaven, everything is good for us.  

We don’t know when we will go into eternity.  The truth is, you will have to meet everyone you neglected in this life in eternity at the judgment. What will they say to you? (from Billy Sunday) 



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