Report by Melody Franz, age 12


I could hardly wait for my summer break. This summer was going to be very special. For the first time after five years, I was finally able to return to Kenya, where we had lived for so long. This time, I was going with my daddy on one of his crusades. I had been saving up my money for a long time. With the help of family, friends, teachers and even strangers, I was now able to go back.

When we finally arrived in Wote, Kenya, I saw the majestic tent already standing. The welcome I received was overwhelming. I was so thrilled to see my friends and our team members again.

The crusade had already been going on for several days, but on Saturday, which was my birthday, God did something very special.

Mwikali Muthoka had been coming to our meetings since they had started. She was lame and had to be carried to the altar every day for healing prayer. For over 22 years, she had to be taken care of by her parents. Every time I saw her struggling, my heart felt so heavy and sad. When she was carried, her feet were just dangling behind her. On Saturday, 21st June 2008 (my birthday), I went quietly behind the stage and prayed. I said: “Lord, today is my birthday and I have only one birthday wish: please heal this lady!”  The power of God came upon her and in the blink of an eye she was healed! For the first time in 22 years, she could stand up on her own two feet.

That was the best birthday present I have ever received!  The Lord answered my prayers and gave me my birthday wish.

This is not going to be my last mission trip. The day before we left Kenya, I told my daddy that I was going to start saving up my money right away again.

Melody Franz


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