Why Doesn’t He Keep His Word?

mx001-kraft-vintage-envelope-stationary-paperMark Guy Pearse tells an interesting story of a poor old woman in Scotland, whose son had come to America and was doing well. He wrote home to the widowed mother to tell her that now she would not have any troubles anymore. As long as she lived, he would send her money for her rent.

The mother was overjoyed, and carefully put his letters in an old broken teapot on the dresser and almost every night she took them out and read them with eyes filled with tears of joy. But day after day the time drew nearer for the payment of her rent. As sweet as the words of her son were, still it took more than pleasant words to satisfy her landlord. At first, she was angry with herself for the fears that whispered within her. Her son had promised and promised again in every letter he wrote. But what good were the promises if the money did not come?

At last the rent day came. Surely the postman would bring the money today. It was just like her son to calculate everything exactly, and to send it just when it was due…but to her disappointment the postman went his way and there was nothing for her. The mother tried to stay positive; there was some delay somewhere, but it was all right, tomorrow would explain it all and the landlord could wait until the next day. But day after day went by with no money from her son. The day came where the landlord could wait no longer. The money had to be paid or she must go.

Once more she put on her glasses and went through the letters. There she read it again as plain as plain could be. Her son had promised to help her.  What could have happened? Oh, if her son only knew that the very next day all her possessions would be sold to pay for her rent!

That afternoon a friend that had heard of her trouble came in to see her. “I thought your son promised to pay your rent?” said the friend.

“He did!” said the old lady, shaking her head very mournfully. “He did and I don’t understand why he hasn’t kept his word.”

“Will you let me see the letters?” asked the friend.

“Yes,” said the old woman, and she took down the broken teapot from the dresser and took them out.

The friend read them through. “Was there nothing in this letter?”

“Yes,” said the old woman, “there was a strip of paper.  I think it was some advertisement or something, but no money.”

“Where is it?” urged the friend. There it was in the depths of the teapot.

“Why, it is a cashiers check!” said the friend. “This is more than enough to pay for all your rent.”

They went to the bank as quickly as they could. There was some difficulty at first because the time limit for the check had passed, but after the matter was explained, the check was cashed. The poor old widow’s troubles had come to an end.

It is the same with all these precious promises in God’s Word.  They are useless to you unless you “cash” them as checks in a bank. Consider the promise, “Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out”. It has power to save every poor sinner in the world, yet it will never save you unless you come to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to Israel failed; every one was fulfilled. Joshua 21:45 NIV

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