Let the Word of God hold you!

YE1nSGFbdw“I just hung on … I saw the other fellows fall and it didn’t make me feel any too good, but there was nothing I could do about it — ’ceptin to hang on tighter.”—C.M. “Bud” Cowart

Has someone said to you, “Hold on to God’s word.” When you stand by faith for healing or a financial breakthrough, holding on can seem like an impossible task. People share advice and stories that they hope to help and encourage someone during these times.  For me, the following story helped me through a difficult time.

On May 11, 1932, the military tried to land the Akron, a helium-filled rigid military airship. Upon landing, things ran out of control. To save the ship, a military personnel dropped a lot of ballast water. The Akron shot up into the air.

“The sudden release surprised several men holding on to the mooring cable. They clung desperately to the line as the Akron shot into the sky. One man let go at 15 feet, breaking his arm in the fall. But three other sailors still gripped the cable. Thousands of onlookers watched in horror as one man, then another, fell from between 100 and 200 feet. Both sailors died instantly as they struck the ground.

Another sailor, C.M. “Bud” Cowart, hung on. Straddling wooden toggles, he managed to tie himself in.” (The San Diego Union-Tribune)
Bud realized that if he tried to hold on in his own strength he would end up falling to his death just like the other two sailors. He had to get the airship to hold him, so he tied himself in. He was in the air for two hours before they could rescue him.

That is what we must do with God’s promises. Don’t try to hold on in your own strength. Most who try in their own strength end up giving up before the miracle happens. Let the Word of God hold you!

Philippians 2:15,16 in the NIV says, “Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life.”

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