What do you see, the dog or the leash?

YkRmRmZbcAHave you come across a very fierce dog that growled and barked as if he wanted to tear you apart?  It is always very comforting when you see that it is chained to a powerful leash, so he cannot get to you.

Picture this… He started to walk out of the house to get to his daily routine.  As he opened the door, paralyzing fear gripped his heart.  Trembling, he quickly shut the door and ran back into the house.  The man of God was praying in his room.  Normally, he would not disturb him, but this was an emergency.  His shivering hands knocked on the door.  “Come in!” was the response coming from the room.  He walked into the room, his face white with fear.  “What happened to you?” the man of God asked.  Struggling to get the words out, he said, “There are armed soldiers outside, many of them.  We are as good as dead!”  The man of God walked over to the window and looked out for some time.  He then turned around and said, “There are more on our side than there are against us! Why are you so afraid?”  Seeing that his servant was captivated by fear, like the hypnotized prey of a snake, Elijah prayed, “LORD, open his eyes”.  Suddenly, he had a supernatural revelation!  He could see what the human eye could not see.  All of heaven was on their side!  Protecting angels in fiery chariots surrounded the mountain, standing guard and ready at any time to release the judgment of God on the hostile army!   He no longer focused on the “dog”, but now he saw the “leash”!

2 Cor 10:4 The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. (NIV)

Did you know… The greatest tactic of the devil is deception.  He tries to make a mouse look like an elephant, robbing you of all perspective.  So many believers allow fear or tough situations to paralyze their calling.  Remember, wherever there is motion, there will be friction!  Expect challenges, as you venture to be obedient to God!

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