The selfless gift!

bunk bed isolated on white background with clipping pathWe stood admiring a beautiful high-quality wooden bunkbed displayed at a garage sale.  This is exactly what we had been looking for.  We had recently moved to the US from Africa with just 6 suit cases. Our girls had been sleeping on mattresses on the floor.  The bed they had now, was a junky futon that they had to share.   We looked at the price of the bunkbed only to be discouraged.  It was more than we could afford.  I stood talking with my wife Simone.  How could we come up with the money for the bed?  Finally, we came up with a plan to pay the price. What happened next deeply disappointed us.
I went over to the owner to purchase the beautiful bed, but he answered in a matter of fact voice, “Sorry that bed is already sold.  It just needs to be picked up.”

My heart sunk. We definitely could not afford a new one and this one was taken right from underneath our noses.  Simone and I stood there looking at the bed.  We had missed the opportunity.  We started to walk to our car trying to come to terms with the lost opportunity when a lady stopped us.  Simone, my wife, knew her from the Christian School where our girls were going.  She said, “I saw you were looking at the bunkbed.”

We answered “Yes, but someone else has bought it.”

She answered, “I bought it because my father is coming to stay with us.  He has a terrible heart disease.  I need that bed for my sons, so we can make room for my father.”  But what she said then blew me away.  I had never heard of such a thing before.

She said, “God just spoke to me right now.  I need to give you the bed!”
We were so grateful.  I pulled out my wallet to give her the money for the bed, but then she surprised us again.

She said, “No, the Lord told me to pay for it. Just take the bed with you.”
I learned later that it was not that she was wealthy, that family really had to make ends meet, but she gave a gift she actually needed herself.

As we were getting ready to drive away with our beautiful bunkbed, she said, “please just pray for my dad’s heart condition.”  We stood and prayed for him.  As we prayed in Florida, her fathers’ heart in Colorado was touched by God. He was completely healed!

2 Sam 24:24 But the king (David) replied to Araunah, “No, I insist on paying you for it. I will not sacrifice to the Lord my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.” (NIV)

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