The Boy Would Not Move!

Dscn0283The scorching African sun shone mercilessly on the hot desert town. Occasionally, you could see one or two brave people walking in the sun, but most of them preferred to seek refuge in the shade. As I was sitting outside the pastor’s house preparing for the evening crusade services, a number of children came running towards me to take a look at the new “white man” in town. They kept playing close by, making a lot of noise and breaking my concentration.

Finally, I playfully picked up a stick pretending to want to use it against the youngsters. The group immediately scampered—all except for ONE. The boy just stood there looking at me, not budging an inch. Challenged by the boldness of this young lad, I again raised the stick as if I wanted to hit him … but again, he just stood there looking at me. Why was this youngster not frightened like the others? A young man nearby finally spoke up. He said, “Sir, be careful how you treat that boy. He is the chief’s son!”

I was moved—what an illustration! He knew who he was and under whose authority he stood. Too many believers cower in fear instead of standing their ground, looking the enemy in the face. That boy was much smaller than me, but he knew that if I touched him, I was messin’ with his father!

“For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline” (2 Timothy 1:7).

God wants you to rise up in His authority and be all He has made you to be!

What are you afraid of today?  Conquer it with the knowledge that you are a precious, chosen child of God.

NOTE: The same thing that made thousands of Israelite soldiers run from Goliath, deeply motivated David to stand up and fight!

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