The Hand Print on the Sidewalk

Memorable handprint of a hand in an old concrete wall

Fascinated, I stood looking at the hand print on the sidewalk. It was a mark that would be there forever. I was just eight years old, but the first thought that came to my mind was: How can I get my hand print on there as well? I am not quite sure why I wanted that, but perhaps it is that deep ingrained desire that we all have, to leave a mark that remains forever.

I asked a young man standing nearby, “How was this mark made” He had no idea, but not wanting to look ignorant he answered, “Just put your hand in the same place every day and after a while you will make a mark.”

Being just a little guy and not knowing better, I tried his strategy. Every day I would put my hand on the same place, but the concrete just would not change. I was not making a mark, so I gave up trying.

Later, when I started working with cement and mixing concrete for my own projects, I learned that there is just a small window of opportunity to make a mark. When concrete is poured you only have twenty-four to forty-eight hours before it sets. During this time, you can make the mark. Once the cement is cured, it is too late.

So many people want to make a mark with their lives. They want to be remembered as someone special. People set up monuments to themselves or buy a star on the streets of Hollywood that bears their name. How can your life really make a significant eternal mark?

You have got to get into God’s window of opportunity! God only knows one day and that is TODAY! Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts (Hebrews 3:15).

If you don’t get right with God today, the truth is you never will! The concrete of life will set, and you will never go back. If you don’t start a prayer life today, you will always say I will do that tomorrow. If you don’t have a daily time in the Word of God today, you never will. God only knows one day and that is TODAY!

What one thing will you change with God’s help TODAY?

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