Your Name is on the List


An old acquaintance stood at the front door full of excitement, a newspaper in hand. “Your name is on the list!!” he exclaimed. Why was he so excited?

A local newspaper had printed a list of names given to them by a prominent bank. This was a list of people who had an inheritance that had never been claimed.

That morning, as he was reading the paper he recognized the name of a very poor man in town that had been on welfare for many years. Now he stood at the door with the good news. The poor struggling man just could not believe what he was hearing. “That cannot be me. There just is no one that would ever leave me an inheritance. It must be someone else with a similar name.”

The old acquaintance looked at the newspaper again and again trying to convince the poor man to at least go to the bank and check. “You have nothing to lose!” The poor man refused, insisting, “There is no one that would ever leave me an inheritance.”

Soon word reached the mayor of the small town that was paying the welfare. He went to the poor man’s house himself. “Come with me,” he insisted as he took the poor man by the hand. When they arrived at the bank, sure enough there was a large inheritance for him. Twenty years ago, he had helped a wealthy man and had forgotten all about it. That rich man never forgot his kindness. He named him one of his heirs. With compounding interest, he got give million dollars. The man had been living in poverty for years even though he was a millionaire.

If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise (Galatians 3:29).

Too many believers never lay claim to the incredible promises of God. They live as spiritual paupers because they do not believe God’s word. God’s bank account remains untapped as they trust in the system of this world. Break out of the mold today. Lay claim to the maximum that God has for you today.

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